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Empower yourself.

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Empower yourself with the confidence to make things happen.

Confidence is not perfection or success; confidence is being prepared to grow beyond limitations, real or perceived.

You cant buy it or touch it. You cant put it in a bottle and sell it yet each of us has it, if only we knew where wed hidden it!

What happens to it? The truth is that, all too often, we just give it away. We compare ourselves against others and simply decide that we do not measure up. We see all our limitations and all their successes. We add a dash of luck and a heap of opportunity to their mix and decide that we could never be like them. Then its easy, excuses are made and our image of ourselves becomes self perpetuating!

Confidence to start

Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cant, youre right (Henry Ford)

So, the choice is yours, do you have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone, to face your fear and explore the possibilities? The first step may be identifying what is holding you back. What scares you about pursuing your dream and what are you prepared to do about it? Activity kills fear and procrastination feeds it so take action to conquer your fears, NOW!

Confidence to challenge

Take control and make a plan, set yourself some SMARTER objectives and then follow them through. Remember, the advice can come from anywhere but the determination can only come from within. When you set your determination to conquer your fear and achieve your goal you will find that obstacles suddenly become challenges and they rapidly become solutions rather than problems.

Set yourself a goal that you could achieve with a little more effort than normal, have the confidence to stretch yourself.

Make your goal SMARTER. By seeking to accomplish something that stretches us we push our boundaries and empower ourselves to challenge our limitations, striving beyond that which we would normally do builds confidence and raises self esteem.

Confidence to grow

Body language, posture and vocal inflections all have an impact on confidence. Take some time to practice and experience physical empowerment in the comfort of your own home, before unleashing yourself on the unsuspecting world. Sit or stand up straight with your feet shoulder distance apart and your shoulders back. Lift your chin and take a deep breath.

Forget about the political incorrectness of having a tummy and push yours out as much as you can when breathing in; push all that lovely oxygen right down into the bottom of your lungs and feel the head rush as all the old fears and limitations are exhaled and replaced with fresh new ideas and possibilities.

Confidence to Dream

Explore your passions, desires, dreams and aspirations, think about how life could look and be prepared to break some moulds. Get ready to explode your limitations and go higher, faster and further than ever before, get ready to feel confident and to inject that feeling into everything you do.

Confidence to ask

Womens Wisdom specialise in helping people who want to empower their lives. If youre thinking about starting a business we run courses, workshops, seminars and networking events to help you build the confidence to start, and grow, a successful business. Contact us now on 0800 781 8597 or visit www.womenswisdom.co.uk to find out more.

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