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4 keys to achieving million dollar success

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Some people are born with a love for the hustle. Like Harry Coleman – He’s always had a knack for coming up with clever ways to make money. But it wasn’t until he began dropshipping that the dream of turning a side hustle into a full-time venture began to materialize.

Now, he’s the owner of multiple online stores which generate millions in revenue, and he’s sharing his 4 keys to achieving million dollar success.

Start a niche store within a general store.

Lots of entrepreneurs, especially dropshippers, are unsure whether they should start off with a general or niche store. Harry believes that you need to start with a combination of both – his general stores are structured so that they’re limited to four or five niches. He uses this tactic to specialize within those select niches, test a bunch of products, and easily find audiences to target.

Focus on problems.

When you’re looking for products to add to your business, Harry believes that you need to find products that a) solve and problem for your audience, and b) have a WOW factor to them. “Nobody is really passionate about phone cases. But, if you’re selling a dog phone case, then it’s cool, it’s quirky, it’s unique, and you can sell it to a passionate audience”. So, start off by finding the problem that you want to solve, and then find out which products have a WOW factor that can solve it.

Hone in on benefits in your ads.

Harry believes that you always want to focus on the benefits that your products offer when it comes to writing copy for your ads. Keep the customer firmly in your mind – instead of using copy like “50% OFF. SHOP NOW.” opt for something like “Save time, effort, and energy”. Connect with your audience’s needs and frame your products in a way that solves them.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t give up.

It’s easy to give up or get distracted when you’re just starting out. But Harry insists that perseverance really is what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. “If I would have given up when my first store bombed, then I wouldn’t have anything.” As you begin to make sales and build your business, Harry warns about getting distracted by comparing yourself to others. “It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.” You need to keep moving forward, and be inspired by those around you, not intimidated. Your time will come.

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